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Update 6 from COVID-19 Crisis Task Force

As-Salāmu ‘Alaykum

To our Community members and attendees,

We hope you are all keeping well, warm and safe.

In this week’s teleconference, the COVID-19 Crisis Task Force discussed the latest in Canada’s health climate. The number of cases are increasing in Canada, specifically in Ontario, as many Canadians are returning back home. Over the last few days, testing of the COVID-19 virus has also increased.

Are we flattening the curve? We don’t know. Over the next few weeks, as cases are monitored, we will come to know whether various measures emphasized by our government, such as social/physical distancing, personal hygiene, avoiding non-essential travel, etc. is being practiced vigorously enough by individuals and making an impact in flattening the curve.

What is New?
1. ISIJ of Toronto centres will not open for the Month of Ramadān
Based on the number of cases on the rise in Ontario, new restrictions on gatherings and the curve not flattening, some models suggest that the earliest sign of Canada ‘flattening the curve’ will be around the second to third week of May. As a result, all three centres will continue to remain closed until end of May, at minimum. Should the situation dramatically improve, consideration may be given to opening the centres earlier.

2. Gatherings limited to no more than 5 people
On Saturday March 28, 2020, Premier Doug Ford announced that gatherings of more than 5 people cannot take place, with a few exceptions, such as essential businesses, child care facilities and families of more than five. Another exception is funerals, where a maximum of 10 individuals can come together whilst practicing social distancing.

3. Seniors are urged to self-isolate
The Chief Medical Officer of Health has made a new recommendation on Monday that all people over the age of 70 should isolate during the COVID-19 pandemic. The statement was released on Monday morning, as the province of Ontario confirmed a record 351 new cases of the virus.

Here’s a Challenge … 
Our beautiful religion emphasizes on being and staying healthy – mentally, spiritually and physically. We are reaching out to all of you to get your young ones between the ages of 8-15 to help contribute to our resources. Choose one of the following and email us a photo of your final piece at [email protected] The best one will be featured and shared in one of our upcoming communiques.

There’s only one catch: while you can use technology for your research and for ideas, your final submission must be a photo of what you’ve designed creatively by hand.

1. What are you snacking on while you’re at home? Design a snack meal planner for one week – giving ideas and recipes – for quick and healthy snacks.
2. Create a weekly planner based on what you do in your home for some spiritually uplifting activities that your peers can do.
3. Create a weekly fitness plan for your friends. How can they keep active and energized while at home? Keep the plan to a maximum of 15 minutes a day.

We’re looking forward to seeing your entries!

We ask that you keep our community and all of humanity at the forefront of your prayers and seek from the Almighty that we are relieved of this difficult situation soon.

With Salāms & Du’ās

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