Jaffari Education Committee

A Glimpse of Ongoing Events

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Upcoming Events

Ramadhan Journal

How are you going to make this Ramadan your best?
The Ramadan Action Plan is finally here! JEC is excited to launch an action planner to help track our learning and facilitate our growth during the holy month of Ramadan! You can download your FREE fillable PDF. Get yours now and make this Ramadan your best one yet!

Ramadhan Quiz and Asma ul Husna Challenge

Self-Care Guide

JEC is pleased to share a month-long Self-Care Calendar to help promote spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical well-being.

Available for download as a PDF!

Scholarship Program

JEC is pleased to announce the launch of two scholarship programs. We are proud to announce a new scholarship in memory of Marhum Murtaza Jaffer Alloo, a strong advocate of ongoing self improvement. This application is open to those at all levels of higher education or vocational training programs and the award is for $2,500. For our 5th consecutive year, we are running our general scholarship program, for those with financial need in post secondary education. There are multiple awards available, each up to $2,000. Applications are due on June 1st, 2020, and you can apply at jaffari.org/scholarships.

Contact Information


Email: jec@jaffari.org

Current Committee Members

Chair: Br. Shums Kassam

Committee Members

  • Br. Mohammed Rashed – Secretary/Treasurer
  • Sr. Sakeena Panju
  • Sr. Siddika Pardhan
  • Sr. Sadaf Athar
  • Sr. Sumaiya Khaku
  • Sr. Sarah Jiwa

About Us

The purpose of the Jaffari Education Committee (JEC) is to be the central body for coordinating and catering to the various educational needs of the community members. JEC shall operate under the umbrella of the ISIJ of Toronto with the following objectives:

  • To coordinate the activities of all various educational groups affiliated with the ISIJ of Toronto.
  • To cater for Training and Developmental needs of our community members.
  • To provide scholarships and bursaries for members who meet a set criterion and requirements as specified by the Board
  • To provide Career counselling for members of the ISIJ
  • To connect the professionals in our group through online engagement and networking opportunities

Our Goal: To enhance the religious, secular, social and academic education of all members in the ISIJ community through continuous engagement.