Sura al-Fātiha Request

Jaffari Community Centre: Please submit request for the names you’d like included on the screen at least 2-3 days prior to the date you’ve selected as we are pre-recording for our online programs.


One-time inclusion: $5/per name. Whole-year inclusion: $250/per name.

A Sura al-Fatiha request includes having the names of the Marhumin displayed on the screens at an event.

Notice: Please note that on the Wilādat/Wafāt/Shahādat of the Panjetan, we do not take names for Sura al-Fātiha. Additionally, there may be times (for which we will notify you), due to the nature of the program, that names are not announced and/or displayed on the screens.

We will not be taking Sura al-Fatiha names on Arba’in Night or Arba’in Day