Jaffari Senior Citizens Group

About Us

The Senior Citizens Group vision was to organize activities where seniors could gather, support each other, learn together, become active and have fun. Together with ongoing social and religious programs, we are able to incorporate educational, physical and mentally stimulating programs such as yoga. Overcoming challenges in the past made us a stronger group as we work together to better and broaden our goals. United not only can we achieve future success, but we will continue to be an example of strength for our younger leaders within the community.

Contact Information

Contacts us: seniors@jaffari.org

Jaffari Senior Citizens Group

Chair – Sr. Shirin Bhamani
Vice Chair – Sr. Fatma Ebrahim
Secretary – Br. Amirali Boga
Treasurer – Sr. Nasim Kamalia

Committee Members

Br. Shabbir Kanji
Br. Shaukat Khimji
Sr. Shirin Mamdani
Sr. Habiba Dewji