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JIY is a board for the youth of Jaffari Community Centre. This board consists of  ten dedicated youth members, who serve the community through planning and hosting events for the community, specifically targeting the youths. As a result, youths have the opportunity to connect with each-other as well as be encouraged to serve the community in some way. JIY organize yearly event and hope to engage the youth of ISIJ.

What's New?

Q&A session with Sayed Mohammed Baqer al-Qazwini!

Join MY and JIY for an interactive Q&A session with Sayed Muhammad Baqir Qazwini! This Q&A session surrounds the topic of female authority in early Islam which will be used to explore the theory of feminism as an Islamic concept. This session is meant to empower our sisters and brothers in Islam to better understand their rights, roles and abilities in our religion through the example of the best of all women, Sayeda Fatima Zahra (A.S). Prior to the Q&A session, we will have a small lecture on the Sermon of Fadak.

WHEN? Saturday, January 16th, from 2:00-3:30pm.
WHERE? jaffari.org/live
WHAT? Female authority in early Islam relating to feminism as an Islamic concept
SUBMIT YOUR QUESTIONS AHEAD OF TIME: https://tinyurl.com/y2y7upx3

Have you been searching for a spouse? Are you tired of looking? Feel like you’ve been looking in all the wrong places? JSS and JIY present: Connecting You 2 Me!
An interactive, two-day (2) workshop geared to provide you with the tools you need to find your true and ultimate connection!

On January 30th and 31st (2021), we invite singles, ages 20 to 28, for this two-day (2) Zoom seminar facilitated by renowned authors and marriage facilitators, Abbas and Shaheen Merali from the UK. The Merali team has a track record of matching singles leading to marriage bliss.

Registration is limited! Sign up early to get your spot! The registration deadline is January 28th!

REGISTER AT: https://bit.ly/3rBjb5s

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Contacts us: jiy@jaffari.org

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“The order of humanity is based on righteous brotherhood and the order of religion is based on unshakable certainty”.

Jaffari Islamic Youth Team 2020/21

It is with great pleasure to inform the membership of the results for the Jaffari Islamic Youth (JIY) Elections for the 2020-2021 Term:


Position Position
Chair Zahra Jessa (Acclaimed)
Vice Chair (Female) Aamenah Meghjee (Acclaimed)
Vice Chair (Male) Zain Merchant (Acclaimed)
Treasurer Sayyedah Nanji (Acclaimed)
Communications (Female) Sakina Rashid (Acclaimed)
Communications (Male) Sarfaraaz Kara (Acclaimed)
Secretary Aliraza Rajabali (Acclaimed)
Elected Member (Female) Mahtaab Manekia (Acclaimed)
Elected Member (Male) Raza Meghani