Jaffari Funeral Services

About Us

The Jaffari Funeral Services Committee provides all inclusive funeral services with the highest quality and respect. The board was created in 2008 to provide funeral services to the members of the Community.

In the Case of a Death, please Contact

  • Mukhi (Director of Centre): Br. Mehboob Siwjee at 1-855-JAFFARI (5233274)
  • Chairman of Jaffari Funeral Services: Br. Mubarak Mamdani at 647-786-1934

What to do at the time of a Death

We understand that this must be a very difficult time for you and your family and it is our duty to ensure we assist you with the preparations of a funeral and fulfilling the burial rites of the deceased.

  1. Please contact one of the abovenamed individuals when a death occurs.
  2. Please notify the JFSC Chairman (Br. Mubarak Mamdani) when the Dr. has signed the ‘Medical Certificate of Death’ (also known as Form 16)
    1. At this time, please also request the doctor/nurse to remove all foreign objects and keep the hands and legs of the deceased straight, and close the eyes if possible.
  3. The next of kin would then need to take some time in assisting us with completing the ‘Statement of Death’ (also known as Form 15)
    1. To better prepare, please refer to the Blank Form 15 on this page.
    2. Volunteers will then proceed to obtain the Burial Permit to continue with the burial arrangements.
  4. For Ghusl/Kafan, 2 of our volunteers will be present and you may have up to 3 family members (same gender as the deceased) also participate. If the deceased had kept aside their own Kafan, please bring this along. If not, our committee will provide the Kafan.
  5. Please advise the Funeral Committee Chairman on the choice of cemetery (listed below).
  6. The Mukhi (Director of Centre) will advise of any associated costs for the funeral, if applicable.
  7. Due to COVID-19 and our ability to manage, a limited number of attendees will be permitted to attend Salat al-Mayyit and the cemetery.
    1. We will share a registration link with the designated individual that will be responsible for notifying attendees of registration.

For any other information and/or queries, please email fu[email protected] or call our Secretariat Office at 905.695.9786

Men’s Committee Ladies Committee
Chairman: Br. Mubarak Mamdani – 647-786-1934 Lead: Sr. Firozbanu Damani
Br. Mohamedtaki Sabur Sr. Fatima Sabur
Br. Kazim Kanani Sr. Numaish Hemani
Br. Azad Chagpar Sr. Anar Gulamhussein
Br. Iqbal Hasham Sr. Batul Panju
Br. Mohamed Raza Huda Sr. Mehrun Moloo
Br. Abbas Karmalli Sr. Nargis Jaffer
Br. Yusuf Kermalli Sr. Nargis Karim
Sr. Nilam Mulla
Sr. Rubab Hasham
Sr. Sakina Abbas
Sr. Zinnat Chagani

Bereavement Authority of Ontario

The Islamic Shia Ithna-Asheri Jamaat of Toronto (Funeral Services) is a licensed operator under the Bereavement Authority of Ontario (BAO) – Type: TSO Restricted.

License: XX-1518

North York Cemetery (101 Senlac Rd)

Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens

Al Hussain Foundation Cemetery

Meadowvale Cemetery (Brampton)