Jaffari Sports Committee

About Us

The Jaffari Sports Committee (JSC) is a sub-committee of the ISIJ of Toronto that is committed to ensuring the well being of the community is maintained and enhanced.

Our mission is to advance the social, educational and recreational interests of its members and for that purpose to provide such amenities, activities and other facilities within the boundary of shariah. We have been working in partnership with planning and equipping the gym to ensure all forms of activities can benefit.

Our goal is to ensure all community members have the opportunity to actively participate take ownership in enhancing and living an active lifestyle. We look to provide an atmosphere whereby each member of the community can enhance their physical, mental and nutritional well being.

The JSRB oversees the Jaffari Community Center (JCC) gym, games room and the fitness centre. With the assistance of the sports coordinators we are able to offer the following sports for Men, Women and Youths:

Visit the official site of the Jaffari Sports and Recreational Board at www.jaffarisportsboard.com

Upcoming Initiatives


Contact Information

Website:  www.jaffarisportsboard.com

Email:      [email protected]

Board Members 2017/18

Chairman: Ali Hemraj

Secretary: Mohammed Abbas Kassam

Treasurer: Muhammad Mehdi Parpia

Marketing: Sarfaraz Kara

Men’s Events Lead: Zain Merchant

Women’s Events Lead: Fatemah Manji

Youth Events Lead: Zuhair Kanji

Ladies Badminton & Volleyball Coordinator: Fatima Tarbhai

Ladies Fitness & Bootcamp: Zehra Alibhai

Badminton Coordinator: Salim Dhirani

Table Tennis Coordinator: Hasnain Merchant & Sarfaraz Dhalla

Personal Training: Shaneabbas Jaffer

Cricket Coordinator: Vacant

Men’s Volleyball Coordinator: Vacant