Isale Thawāb Request

While our centres are closed, we will not be accepting names for Isale Thawab. However, you may submit names for Sura al-Fatiha by clicking here.


Sponsor a Majlis for your loved ones for $100.00*

Sura e Yasin will be recited, the names listed below will be announced, included in our weekly newswire, and displayed on the screen. Your payment will also contribute to the Tabarruk served.

Please submit the form and payment by Tuesday 12pm of the week you wish to sponsor

Notice: Please note that on the Wilādat/Wafāt/Shahādat of the Panjetan, we do not take names for Isale Thawāb. Additionally, there may be times (for which we will notify you), due to the nature of the program, that names are not announced. However, they will be included in the weekly newswire and displayed on the screen.

*The package included 3 names. Additional names at an additional charge