Isale Thawāb Request

We will not be taking names for the night of 40th of Imam Husayn (a) – Wednesday October 7, 2020 or for the afternoon Arbaeen Program on Thursday October 8, 2020.

Please submit request for the names you’d like included on the screen at least 2-3 days prior to the date you’ve selected as we are pre-recording for our online programs.


Sponsor a Majlis for your loved ones for $100.00*

Notice: Please note that on the Wilādat/Wafāt/Shahādat of the Panjetan, we do not take names for Isale Thawāb. Additionally, there may be times (for which we will notify you), due to the nature of the program, that names are not announced and/or displayed on the screens.

*This includes 3 names. Additional names at an additional charge of $20 per additional name.