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Masumeen Youth is a sub-committee which strives to create an inclusive community of youth that are inspired, active, and committed to advancing the interests of Islam by providing a platform for youth expression and supportive network within the Masumeen Islamic Centre and GTA. Being a sub-committee of the Masumeen Management Committee, our goal is to create a place where our youth can get together and build strong relationships with one another in an engaging and welcoming environment through numerous events.

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“The order of humanity is based on righteous brotherhood and the order of religion is based on unshakable certainty”.

Masumeen Youth Team 2019/20

Chair: Alia Walji
Vice Chair (Male): TBA
Vice Chair (Female): Iman Walji
Secretary: Ali Ridha Teja
Treasurer: Jasmin Hemani
Board Member: Qays Muhammad Lila