Jaffari Volunteer Committee

About Us

Jaffari Volunteer Corps is one of the main pillars of Jaffari Community Centre.  JVC activities revolve around the numerous programs conducted by JCC throughout the year. Our ongoing activities include preparation and distribution of tea and tabarruk during the Jumeraat programs as well as to set up all logistics for milad and majlis events scheduled at JCC. Additionally the JVC team has always provided services for private functions held at our centre.

The JVC comprises of volunteers from all age groups and it provides a training ground to the leaders of tomorrow. The JVC management tries to encourage participation from the younger generation among its cadre from time to time in order to instill the sense of serving in the name of Allah (swt).

Message from the Chairman

Imam Hassan (AS): “Treat others similar to the way you would like for them to treat you.”

Salaamun Alaikum,

We express our gratitude to the outgoing JVC team for their outstanding work during their 2015-2017 term and look forward to working closely with you all. Together, under the guidance of Mukhi Saheb (Director of Centre), and as the Chairman of the JVC term 2017 – 2019, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce our JVC Team for this term. We are looking forward to continue serving Allah swt and are confident to provide exceptional service to our members. We are counting on your support to assist us in this endeavour. In the interim, we welcome your feedback and suggestions and request you to direct them to the JVC Management team.

With Duas,

Mehboob Siwjee

JVC Chairman

Meet the new JVC Team [2017-2019]

Contact Information

Contacts us: jvc@jaffari.org

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