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Update 12 from COVID-19 Crisis Task Force

Update 12 from COVID-19 Crisis Task Force


As-Salāmu ‘Alaykum

To our Community members and attendees,

We hope you are all keeping well.

Alhamdulillāh, by His Grace, we are preparing for the blessed nights of Qadr. Earlier in the month many of us wondered how the days of Ramadān would pass without the social interactions and community spirit that we have been used to every Ramadān. It is indeed, a unique time, but if we look closely, we will find that His favours and bounties in this month have sparked the flame of Ramadān in each and every one of our homes.

With everyone’s prayers and practice of social and physical distancing as well as personal hygiene and travel for essential needs only, the spread of COVID-19 in Ontario is slowing down. However, we still continue to see new cases on a daily basis. In order for our province to embark on to the next phase of its framework for reopening we must see a consistent low number of cases for a minimum of two consecutive weeks. Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. David Williams is not yet convinced that we have reached this threshold, but we are getting closer.

In recent news, Premier Doug Ford emphasized to the public that we are still in a ‘state of emergency’ and not yet in a ‘state of recovery’. Today, his proposal to extend our ‘State of Emergency’ until June 2, 2020 will be put to a vote.

What can we do?
Dr. Eileen de Villa, the Toronto medical officer of health is urging us to ‘stay within our household bubble’. Keep physical contact limited to only your single household members. Additionally:

  • Wear a mask if you are in a situation where you may be in close contact with others
  • Continue to maintain physical distancing
  • Keep up with public health practices such as washing your hands.

While certain businesses have reopened and more will be announced on Thursday to reopen, we urge you all to stay safe and only venture out if necessary. We are making steady progress, but we still have quite a way to go!

Tonight is one of the Nights of Qadr, a night in which the decree for the coming year is set. As you immerse in worship, find comfort in solitude and journey in nearness to Allāh (swt) please keep our community and all of humanity at the forefront of your prayers. May we be relieved of this difficult situation soon.
With Salāms & Du’ās

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