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14th of Ramadhan

Masumeen Islamic Centre 7580 Kennedy Road, Brampton

6:15pm: Qur’an Khwani 7:00pm: Tilawate Qur’an, Announcements, Lecture by Mawlana Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi, Salaatul Maghribayn followed by Iftar, Du’a Mujeer & Du’a Iftitah

Ladies Program : WILADAT OF IMAM HASAN (A)Eve of 15th Ramadhan

Jaffari Community Centre 9000 Bathurst street, Thornhill

11:15am ONLINE Qur'an Kwani/Darsa 06:15pm Qur'an Kwani/Darsa 07:00pm Lecture: Sr. Fatemah Meghji 07:30pm Small Du'as, Dua Iftitah 07:55pm Announcements 08:04pm Salat IFTAR 09:00pm Recitation of Quran 09:05pm Manqabat 09:10pm Little Qari 09:15pm Mehfil-Sheikh Jaffer 10:00pm Qasida 10:10pm Ziarat 10:00pm Du'a Mujeer

WILADAT OF IMAM HASAN (A) -14th Ramadhan (In-person/Online)

Jaffari Community Centre 9000 Bathurst street, Thornhill

Ramadhan 14 7.00pm - Qur'an Darsa 7:00pm - Qur'an Tafsir - Sheikh Muhammed Hasnain 7:40pm - Du'a Iftitah 8:00pm - Announcements 8:04pm - Salat IFTAR 9:00pm - Quran 9:05pm - Manqabat 9.10pm - Little Qari 9.15pm - Mehfil - Sheikh Jaffer H. Jaffer 10:00pm - Qasida 10:10pm - Ziarat

Ramadan 14 [Online and In-person]

Razavi Community Centre 95 Mead Avenue, Hamilton

7:15:00 PM Quran recitation, Duas, Lecture by Maulana Syed Saghir Hussain, Namaz and  Iftaar The program will be relayed online at

Please note dates above are dependent on moon sighting and have been calculated based on a generic formula.

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