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6th of Ramadhan

Masumeen Islamic Centre 7580 Kennedy Road, Brampton

6:15pm: Qur’an Khwani 7:00pm: Tilawate Qur’an, Du’a Tawassul, Announcements, Lecture by Mawlana Syed Saghir Hussain, Salaatul Maghribayn followed by Iftar & Du’a Iftitah

Ladies Program : 6th Ramadhan 1444 AH

Jaffari Community Centre 9000 Bathurst street, Thornhill

6:15pm Qur'an Kwani/Darsa 7:10pm  Lecture: Sr. Marzia Hasan 7:45pm Announcements 7:53pm Salat IFTAR 8:45pm Du'a Tawassul with Commentary 9:00pm Dua Iftitah, Du'a Sahar Join the Gents Program

Ramadan 6 [Online and In-person]

Razavi Community Centre 95 Mead Avenue, Hamilton

7:00:00 PM - Quran recitation, Duas, Lecture by Sheikh Hasan Doagoo 7:56 PM - Namaz and Iftaar The program will be relayed online at

6th Ramadhan 1444 (In-Person/Online)

Jaffari Community Centre 9000 Bathurst street, Thornhill

7.00pm - Qur'an Darsa 7:00pm - Qur'an Tafsir - Dr Hussein Khimjee 7:40pm - Announcements 7:54pm - Salat IFTAR 8:50pm - Du'a Tawasool 8:55pm - Du'a Iftitah 9:15pm - Little Qari 9.20pm - Majlis - Syed Asad Jafri 9:45pm - Ziarat

Please note dates above are dependent on moon sighting and have been calculated based on a generic formula.

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