2020 Elections – World Federation of KSIMC

The World Federation elections are upon us. At the Islamic Shia Ithna-Asheri Jamaat of Toronto, elections will be held on Thursday January 30, 2020. (There will be no early voting or proxy voting as per the World Federation election process)

The following candidates will be running for the upcoming World Federation Presidential elections:

Ashik Rashid – rashid4president.com
Aunali Khalfan – N/A
Dr. Husein Jiwa – huseinjiwa.com
Safder Jaffer – safder4president.org

Election day will be Thursday, January 30, 2020. Arrangements have been made at the following 4 locations to serve as polling stations:

Location Polls Open Polls Close
Jaffari Community Centre
9000 Bathurst Street Thornhill ON
7:00 pm 10:00pm
Crescent Village*
Yorkland Street, Richmond Hill, ON
7:00 pm 10:00pm
Masumeen Islamic Centre
Brampton, Ontario
7:00 pm 10:00pm
Razavi Community Centre
Hamilton, Ontario
7:00 pm 10:00pm

*Crescent Village will only be open for the convenience of seniors and/or residents of Crescent Village.

Please note the following important points:

  1. All members (male and female) must be “in good standing” at the ISIJ of Toronto to be considered eligible to vote.
  2. Please remember to bring an item of ID with you in case any member of the Elections Committee needs to verify who you are with the official Registered Voters’ List.

The information provided below is for the benefit of the members. The ISIJ of Toronto is not endorsing any candidate.