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Update 14 from COVID-19 Crisis Task Force

Update 14 from COVID-19 Crisis Task Force


As-Salāmu ‘Alaykum

To our Community members and attendees,

We hope you are all keeping well. 

We pray that you had a blessed ‘Eid-ul-Fitr!

After a few weeks of stability in the number of new cases, the GTA saw a trend in an increased number of new cases over the last week. Ontario saw more than 400 new cases of the virus for five consecutive days. The upward trend last week has the government and public health authorities hitting ‘pause’ on further lifting restrictions which will most likely result in further delay of the opening of places of worship.

Testing for COVID-19
The number of tests done in Ontario have been less than optimal and our Premier, Doug Ford, promised to increase testing and stated ‘anyone who feels they need to be tested for the virus will not be turned away from an assessment centre, regardless of the symptoms.’

Can I, or should I, get tested?
If you are at high risk of having been exposed, you may consider getting tested at a COVID-19 testing site, even if you are not currently presenting symptoms.

However, please keep in mind that a negative test only indicates that at present you do not have the detectable virus. This is not to say that you have not had it, or will not get it, and so we urge that you continue to exercise public health measures.

Our ‘Bubble’ of ‘All Things Permitted’
While the province works strategically to open up the economy, we must continue to exercise precaution. 

  1. Stay within your household ‘bubble’. You can pull up to a family member’s or friend’s driveway and stay in your car while they are at their doorstep, and have a conversation but do not come in close contact with individuals who are not in your household.
  2. Continue to practice physical distancing – two metres apart at all times
  3. Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly
  4. Use face coverings.

Hang in there! We need to stay the course and do our part with great patience so that we can see longer lasting results.

Please keep our community and all of humanity at the forefront of your prayers. May we be relieved of this difficult situation soon.

With Salāms & Du’ās

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