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Ring of Peace @ the Jaffari Community Centre

This week marks one month since the tragic deaths of six men at the Islamic Cultural Centre near Quebec City. The Neshameh Jewish Congregation, along with other faith-based and community groups will visit the Jaffari Community Centre to form a ‘Ring of Peace’ in front of the building on Friday, March 3rd during Friday prayers. The ‘Ring of Peace’ is inspired by a remarkable event that took place two years ago in Oslo, Norway, when more than 1,000 Muslims gathered around a synagogue in the city during Shabbat prayers to demonstrate solidarity, following anti-Semitic attacks. Following the Friday prayers and the ‘Ring of Peace’ action, Resident Alim Maulana Syed Muhammad Rizvi and Executive Committee members will welcome the guests inside the Jaffari Community Centre, where they will have the opportunity to meet members of the congregation. For more information, click here.