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Raptors VS Warriors Game 5

How can we help Raptors win?

There will be many moments tomorrow while watching the game we will be praying so hard that the basketball hits the net for 3 or 2 points.

Let us all – young and old contribute $10 per person and do our part by praying for the Raptors to make history.

Please make your donation by using the link below.

Die-Hard Raptors fans will match $ for $ up to $5k for the amount collected

Want to watch the raptors make history with the rest of us?

The JCC will be broadcasting the Raptors game on Monday June 10th at 9:00pm (with a short break during Maghrib time) in the Marhaba Banquet Hall. Join the community in cheering for the Raptors! The ISIJ will be sponsoring the event, as well as food and soft drinks! If you are attending the Raptors event in person


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