Ramadan 4 Kids – Online Program

Salamun ‘Alaykum …


Al Asr Ramadan and ISIJ Darsa present ‘Duas In The Quran’, a virtual online program for the month of Ramadan, beginning April 24th 2020 open to both boys and girls under the age of 10.  There is no registration process involved. 

We will be releasing recorded lessons at 4 pm each day. You’ll see them below. Additionally, you’ll find accompanying activities/crafts and quizzes.

Virtual achievement certificates will be issued at the end of the month, to students participating in the quizzes, especially for completing the last question (submission of an audio recording reciting the Arabic and English translation of the ayah from memory).  Good luck boys and girls!

A big thank you to Noor Kids for giving permission to share their videos here! Please visit Noorkids.com for videos, books and further information on what else they have to offer. Keep up the amazing work Noor Kids!

Prophet’s Sermon


Friday April 24, 2020
Eve of 1 Ramadān 1441

(described in video)

Du’a of Acceptance


Saturday April 25, 2020
Eve of 2 Ramadān 1441

Jeopardy Game

Du’a of Guidance


Sunday April 26, 2020
Eve of 3 Ramadān 1441

Why Should I Read The Quran


Monday April 27, 2020
Eve of 4 Ramadān 1441


Du’a of Forgiveness/Protection


Tuesday April 28, 2020
Eve of 5 Ramadān 1441

Du’a to Increase Knowledge


Wednesday April 29, 2020
Eve of 6 Ramadān 1441

Knowledge Activity

Importance of Salah


Thursday April 30, 2020
Eve of 7 Ramadān 1441

Salah Worksheet

The Art of Charity


Friday May 1, 2020
Eve of 8 Ramadān 1441


Asking for Good


Saturday May 2, 2020
Eve of 9 Ramadān 1441

Bibi Khadija (a)


Sunday May 3, 2020
Eve of 10 Ramadān 1441

Craft described in Video

Closeness to Allah (swt)


Monday May 4, 2020
Eve of 11 Ramadān 1441

Why isn’t my Prayer working?


Tuesday May 5, 2020
Eve of 12 Ramadān 1441

No Craft

When doing a Good Deed


Wednesday May 6, 2020
Eve of 13 Ramadān 1441

When doing a Good Deed

Dua for Parents


Thursday May 7, 2020
Eve of 14 Ramadān 1441

Dua for Parents

Imam Hassan (a)


Friday May 8, 2020
Eve of 15 Ramadān 1441

Craft described in Video

How to Polish your Soul


Saturday May 9, 2020
Eve of 16 Ramadān 1441

No craft

Du’a of Public Speaking


Sunday May 10, 2020
Eve of 17 Ramadān 1441

Public Speaking Worksheet

The Nights of Qadr


Monday May 11, 2020
Eve of 18 Ramadān 1441

Visual explained in Video
Photos for Visual | A’amal Night Booklet

QFatima 19th Night Amaal Video


Tuesday May 12, 2020
Eve of 19 Ramadān 1441

No Craft / No Quiz

Keep us in your du’as!

Imam Ali (a)


Wednesday May 13, 2020
Eve of 20 Ramadān 1441

No Craft

QFatima 21st Night Amaal Video


Thursday May 14, 2020
Eve of 21 Ramadān 1441

No Craft / No Quiz

Keep us in your du’as!

Imam Ali (a) #2


Friday May 15, 2020
Eve of 22 Ramadān 1441

No Craft

QFatima 23rd Night Amaal Video


Saturday May 16, 2020
Eve of 23 Ramadān 1441

No Craft / No Quiz

Keep us in your du’as!

Ayatul Kareema


Sunday May 17, 2020
Eve of 24 Ramadān 1441

Ayatul Kareema Activities

Dua in Sadness


Monday May 18, 2020
Eve of 25 Ramadān 1441

Dua in Sadness

Dua of Gratitude


Tuesday May 19, 2020
Eve of 26 Ramadān 1441

Gratitude Tree
Kahoot Quiz

How can Allah (swt) Answer My Prayers


Wednesday May 20, 2020
Eve of 27 Ramadān 1441

No Craft

Dua of Hope


Thursday May 21, 2020
Eve of 28 Ramadān 1441

Hope Activity

Dua of Help


Friday May 22, 2020
Eve of 29 Ramadān 1441

Help Activity

Hope in Allah (swt)


Saturday May 23, 2020
Eve of 1 Shawwāl 1441 (Subject to Moon Sighting)

No Craft