Message from the Vice President: Rohingya – a genocide!


The atrocities and murderous oppression of the Rohingya Muslim men, women and children continues and yet the world leadership seems to remain silent. Simply this can be best described as “modern day” genocide. But there may be a glimmer of hope for the Rohingya people finally getting attention from a leading country known for its values for equality, respect, safety, openness, justice and peace – Canada!

As you may be aware the entire House of Commons unanimously (all parties) adopted a motion recognizing the crimes against the Rohingya people as a genocide and, called on the world to help them. This is a significant step forward and, in the right direction, to eventually bring the government of Republic of the Union of Myanmar and its leadership led by Aung San Suu Kyi (honorary Canadian citizen) to justice.

As citizens of this great country that we are proud to call our home and, in the spirit of Imam Hussein (a.s.) who gave his life for justice, equality and peace, we need to help our fellow Rohingya Muslim brothers and sisters.

Please consider sending a simple one/two liner email to the Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland (email: [email protected]) thanking her for leading this action (cc. the PM ([email protected]) and your local MP).  Hopefully with the many emails our government officials receive, the Rohingya file will continue to receive muach needed attention

– Jazakallah!

Shafiq Ebrahim
Vice President, ISIJ of Toronto

Resignation of Sr. Aliya Karmali


The Executive Committee recently received notice of resignation from Sr. Aliya Karmali who could not continue with her position as committee member due to her personal and family commitments.  The EC has accepted her resignation and would like to thank her for the contribution she has made to our organization.
In discussions with the Speaker, the EC was advised that due to the relatively short term left of the EC’s mandate until the next election, a replacement is not necessary at this time.