Muharram 1441 (September 2019)


Jaffari Community Centre

Shaykh Mujahid Sheriff (Urdu)
Shaykh Mohamed Abbas Panju (English)
Zakira Asgari Hirji (Ladies)

Nawha Reciter: Br. Mohamed Abbas Karim

Masumeen Islamic Centre

Sh. Nuru Mohammed (English)

Razavi Community Centre

Shaykh Mohammed Ali Muraj (English & Urdu)
Zakira Nargis Karim (Ladies)

Ashura Letter

Ashura will insha’Allah be commemorated on Tuesday 10th September, 2019

Download the Ashura Day Excuse Letter here

Lectures Live Stream

Lectures at the Jaffari Community Centre (English and Urdu) and at the Masumeen Islamic Centre (English) are streamed live daily.

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Muharram 1441

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