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Marhūma Alina Tarbhai

Death Announcement

Name: Marhūma Alina Tarbhai

Date of Death: Wednesday January 8, 2020

It is with great sadness that we share the news of Marhūma Alina Tarbhai and her mother Marhūma Afifa Tarbhai who passed away on Wednesday January 8th,  2020 in the tragic Ukrainian Air crash

Marhūma Afifa Tarbhai and Marhūma Alina Tarbhai were buried today, Friday January 24th, 2020 after Maghribayn prayers (local time) at the Gulzar E Shuhada Cemetery in the city of Qum, Iran.

Marhūma Alina Tarbhai was the daughter of Murtaza and Marhūma Afifa Tarbhai and sister of Br. Muhammed Faraz Tarbhai.

She was the grand-daughter of Gulamabbas and Fatmabai Tarbhai & Marhūm Asgharali and Marhūma Nazmabai Jaffer Dhanji.

Message of condolences can be sent to [email protected] and m5t[email protected].

Please remember our beloved Marhūma and the family in your du’ās.