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Marhūm Saiyed Mohamed Wasi Rizvi

Death Announcement

Name: Marhūm Saiyed Mohamed Wasi Rizvi

Date of Death: Monday August 17, 2020

Date of Burial: Tuesday August 18, 2020

Cemetery: Glen Oaks Funeral Home and Cemetery (3164 Ninth Line)

It is with sadness that we share the news of the demise of Br. Saiyed Mohamed Wasi Rizvi who passed away in Toronto.

Salāt al-Mayyit will be at the Jaffari Community Centre today, Tuesday, August 18th at 1 pm. Thereafter, burial will be at Glen Oaks Funeral Home and Cemetery (3164 Ninth Line).

Based on our ability to manage the distancing requirements for the congregation, only 50 pre-registered immediate relatives and volunteers will attend Salāt al-Mayyit and the burial. For those unable to attend the Salāt in person, we will be broadcasting the program live from the centre for mu’mīnīn to participate remotely. 
Mu’mīnīn attending the funeral will be required to wear masks, requested to refrain from any physical contact (shaking hands, embracing) and ensure that they respect the physical distancing requirements.

Marhūm was the husband of Alia P. Rizvi, father of Naheed Rizvi, Shaheen Pirani and Dr. Naiyer Abbas Rizvi. He was the father in law of Dr. Francois Martel, Dr. Mohamed Pirani and Nisha Rizvi. He was the grandfather of Kamran, Imran, Rayyan Pirani, Michael and Sophia Rizvi- Martel, and Nikhil and Jai Rizvi.

Message of condolences can be sent t0: [email protected]

Please recite Salāt Hadya Mayyit tonight and remember the Marhūm, and the family in your du’ās.