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Marhūm Mounir Mohammed Baqir



Death Announcement

Name: Br. Mounir Moahmmed Baqir

Date of Death: Thursday August 18, 2022 (20 Muharram 1444)

Date of Burial: Thursday August 18, 2022 (20 Muharram 1444)

Cemetery: Wadi Al-Salam (Najaf )


Marhum was a son of marhuma Naemet Kamal Al-Salhani and Marhum Moahmmed Baqir.

Marhum was husband of marhuma Nouriya Jaffar Hussein.

Marhum was oldest brother of Kamal Mohammed Baqir, Hassan Mohammed Baqir, marhum Sameer Mohammed Baqir , Marhum Salem Mohammed Baqir , marhuma Saham Mohammed Baqir.

Marhum Mounir Mohammed Baqir was  father of Shaima Mounir and Dhia Mounir.

Marhum was a loving and caring grandfather of Noor Mounir , Mohammed Mounir, Muneer Mounir, Aya Mounir, Reem Haider, Rana Haider , Mariam Haider

Messages of condolence can be sent to : [email protected]


Mu’mineen are requested to give sadaqah on behalf of the deceased and remember him with Namaze Mayyit after the burial & with Duas of maghferah.

May the Almighty SWT grant the departed soul maghferah and a place among His chosen ones and grant the family patience to bear this loss.