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Marhūm Alhajj Dr. Abbas Murad Kermalli


Death Announcement

Name: Br. Dr. Abbas Murad Kermalli

Date of Death: Wednesday August 24, 2022 (26 Muharram 1444)

Date of Burial: Wednesday August 24, 2022 (26 Muharram 1444)

Cemetery: Ankara, Turkey

It is with great sadness that we announce the demise of ALHAJJ DR. ABBAS MURAD KERMALLI (Son of Murad Kermalli & Marhuma Amina Dharsi Kermalli of Dar-Es-Salaam) who passed away in Ankara, Turkey on Wednesday, 24th August 2022.

Marhum was the husband of Dr. Mine Sidika Basturk and father of FatimaZehra and Ali Kermalli.
Marhum was the brother of Sameer Kermalli of Dar-Es-Salaam.

Marhum was the nephew of Rayhana Dharsi Merali (Orlando) and Marhuma Fatma Dharsi Khalfan (Nairobi).

Marhum was also the nephew of Yusuf Kermalli (UK), Ebrahim Kermalli (Dubai), Sultan Kermalli (UK), Shabbir Kermalli (Arusha), Marhum Bashir Kermalli (UK), Marhum Azad Kermalli, Marhuma Amina Bhimani (Arusha), & Marhuma Maryam Jaffer (Arusha).
Marhum was the cousin of Bashira Valji (Canada), Sausan Merali Salehmohamed (New York), Ashfaq Khalfan (London), Mehreen Khalfan (Canada), Minaz Alidina (New Jersey), & Shaznaan Rawji (New York).


Mu’mineen are requested to give sadaqah on behalf of the deceased and remember him with Namaze Mayyit after the burial & with Duas of maghferah.

May the Almighty SWT grant the departed soul maghferah and a place among His chosen ones and grant the family patience to bear this loss.