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Marhūm Alhaj Ebrahim Allarakhia Kassam

Death Announcement

Name: Marhūm Alhaj Ebrahim Allarakhia Kassam

Date of Death: Thursday, December 31, 2020

Date of Burial: Thursday, December 31, 2020

Cemetery: Nairobi, Kenya

It is with sadness that we learnt the news of the demise of Alhaj Ebrahim Allarakhia Kassam who passed away in Nairobi, Kenya on Thursday December 31, 2020 and was buried there today, at 8:30 pm (Africa Time).

Marhūm Ebrahim bhai served as a past president and was also a dedicated Mukhi of the ISIJ of Toronto.

Marhūm was part of many sub-committees and served with zeal and enthusiasm. He was fully dedicated to community service wherever he went. He was the Trustee of the Africa Federation from 1998 until his last minute. Marhūm Ebrahim bhai has left a great legacy and will be missed dearly!

Please recite Salāt Hadya Mayyit tonight and remember the Marhūm, and the family in your du’ās.