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The Jaffari News Magazine is a publication for the Shia community, published under the ISIJ of Toronto. Jaffari News has been a friendly voice in the community, and has been printing issues for over 20 years.

We have a few goals for 2014. The first is to continue focusing on local and community events, projects and initiatives. Jaffari News has a new website that gives the ISIJ Boards and Sub Committees a direct outlet to share their news, events, projects, accomplishments, multimedia, etc.

The second is to print more content relevant to the Shia community at large. All reader commentary is considered during the content planning phases. If you would like to submit a suggestion please contact us via the Jaffari News website, Facebook Page, or on Twitter.

Third is for Jaffari News to be more engaged on the Internet. Our website will iA be updated throughout the year with current issue content, as well as archived content from over the past 20+ years. We also aim to maintain a presence on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.


|Board Members


Sameer Dattu                                                               Editor in Chief
Ali Karim                                                                       Executive Editor
Zahid Salehmohamed                                                 Editor Religion & Spirituality, Poetry Lounge
Tabassum Bhayani                                                      Editor Business & Finance, Health and Lifestyle
Alyia Rahemntullah                                                     Editor Foodie Flavours, Social Media Manager
Mateen Manek                                                            Editor Community, Legal Advice
Zehra Kamani                                                              Executive Editor (Online) Administrative Coordinator; Editor Health & Lifestyle; Children’s Corner



Website: www.jaffarinews.com

Email:     [email protected]





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