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ISIJ of Toronto Statement: Unauthorized call to prayer video at Jaffari Community Centre

Vaughan, ON, May 17, 2020 –​ The Islamic Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat (ISIJ) of Toronto is not associated with the eight-minute video shared on social media called “Jaffari center Athan/ Nakba 72 catastrophe anniversary. Praying for corona vaccine & free Palestine”. This video shows an unknown man reciting the Islamic call to prayer, followed by remarks.

“We do not know the individual who recorded himself on our premises at the Jaffari Community Centre in the City of Vaughan,” said ISIJ of Toronto Vice President, Shafiq Ebrahim. “The individual came to our premises without our authorization and we did not request nor allow this recording to occur,” he added.

Effective March 3, all ISIJ of Toronto centres have been closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ISIJ of Toronto is, furthermore, deeply concerned with the language of a press release issued by MPP Gila Martow, which cast speculative insinuations about the Jaffari community. Had MPP Gila Martow taken the time to contact the Jaffari Community Centre, she would have learned that the individual came onto the premises without authorization. Given that, the ISIJ of Toronto is more than willing to discuss this incident with MPP Gila Martow.

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