ISIJ Elections 2023

Elections and Voting

Check out the below videos for more information on Online Voting.

Why Online Voting?

Election Nominations

Jaffari Islamic Youth

The call for nominations is now closed for the Jaffari Islamic Youth Committee. Congratulation to the incoming acclaimed team.


Coming soon.

Ombusman Committee

Governance Committee


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the recommended practices when a child is born?

1) What are the recommended practices when a child is born?
The following are some recommended practices;
a) Reciting Adhan in the right ear and Iqamah in the left ear.
b) Ghusl for the child.
c) Shaving the hair and giving its weight in gold or silver in charity. It is recommended to
do this on the 7th day after birth.
d) Aqiqah – slaughtering an animal in the name of the child. It is recommended to do
this on the 7th day after birth.
e) Circumcision for boys.
f) Walimah – feeding family and friends.
For more details check:

Who will the email with my electronic election ballot be sent by?

The sender of the email containing a link to your electronic election ballot will show up with a sender of ‘ISIJ Elections’ with an email address of [email protected]

Can I propose a candidate for election?

Yes, providing the following:

  1. You are a member of ISIJ in good standing.
  2. You are not the spouse of the seconder for that nomination
  3. You did not propose (or second) another nomination for the same position


Reference:  General Operation By-Law 3, Section 6.06

Why does the ISIJ Secretariat also need the email addresses for my children who are 12 years or older?

Youth as young as 12 and whose home center is the Jaffari Community Center are eligible to vote in the JIY Elections.

The JIY elections, like those of other elections, will have an option to vote online.

Why do you need a unique email address?

To safeguard the integrity of elections, only 1 electronic ballot will be sent per email. If your email is shared with a spouse, child, or parent, none will receive an election ballot.

Why do you need my email for me to vote online?

Your personal electronic election ballot will be sent to you by email.

Am I eligible to vote online?

You are eligible to vote online if all of the following are true:

  • we have your email address on file
  • you email is not also in use by another member in your family (spouse, child, parent)
  • your date of birth is on file

What is the best way for me to vote in the upcoming elections?

If you receive an electronic ballot in your email inbox you can vote from home or wherever you are.  This is the preferred voting method.  There is no need to visit a Center to cast your ballot..

If you do NOT receive a ballot by email, you can visit your Center to cast your ballot.  All prevailing COVID protocols on election will apply, including registering in advance and presenting your vaccination certificate if requested.  

More details to come on voting day & time.

Election Contacts