ISIJ Ramadhan Darsa Program – 2020 / 1441

Adult Darsa

Salamun ‘Alaykum

As we enter the month of Ramadhan, we are excited to launch the first ever Virtual Darsa program!

Here is what you need to know:

In order to qualify for Virtual Darsa:

  • Students must be 8 years old as of the 1st of Ramadan (Saturday April 25, 2020)
  • Students must be able to recite from the Holy Quran.

Alternative option provided by Al-Asr in conjunction with the ISIJ Darsa Team:

For students ages 7 and under and students over the age of 8 who are not yet ready to recite from the Holy Quran, alternative programming has been arranged. Please visit to access Lessons with the topic of “Duas in the Quran”.

Since there is no registration required for students ages 7 and under, content on the above page will be made available on Friday 24th April, 2020 (Eve of 1st Ramadan)

Darsa Schedule:
The Darsa program will start on Friday, April 24, 2020, and will occur nightly from 6:30PM to 7:30PM.

6:30PM – Students login, and enter automatically to a waiting room. Once classroom is ready, they will enter the Zoom room and be asked to open the Holy Quran to a specific point in the Quran, and enter their classroom (Zoom breakout room) with their teacher.
6:45PM – Classroom will be closed. We strongly encourage students to arrive on time to the class.
7:30PM – Darsa session ends

Registration Process (through Zoom):
Please click the links below to register your child, as per their age and gender. If you have multiple children, please register them individually in the correct sessions. As part of the registration, you will be asked to answer a question regarding the fluency of your child, please see below for guidelines. Once you register your child, you will receive an email with a recurring meeting invite with a recurring zoom meeting link and code. Please feel free to add to your calendar for your ease.

  1. Beginners – Can read passages from Holy Quran with help (does not know Tajweed rules) [Fluency level 0-3)
  2. Intermediate – Can read passages from Quran with Tajweed [Fluency level 4-7]
  3. Advanced – Can FLUENTLY recite Holy Quran with Tajweed [Fluency level 8-10]

Adult Darsa Program:
There will be an adult Darsa program (aged 18+) held concurrently with the youth program.  Registration is not required and the link will be shared at the start of Mahe Ramadhan.

Please reach out to us at for any questions or concerns.