Eve of 15th Sha’bān – Arīza

Dear Community members and attendees,

As-Salāmu ‘Alaykum,

We begin by thanking the Almighty Allāh (swt) for the opportunity to perform the A’amāl of the night of 15th Sha’bān. While the situation we are currently in is indeed unprecedented and one filled with uncertainty, we are blessed with our faith and the power of prayer.

One of the numerous recommendations for the night of 15th Sha’bān is to write to the Imām of our time, Imām Mahdi (atfs), seeking refuge with Allāh (swt) and then with the Imām (atfs), and asking him to intercede for us in asking our wishes.

For years, we have taken for granted that copies of the Arīza (letters of request) will be available at our centres for us to collect, write on, and then deposit in collection boxes the same night. Arrangements are made by communities to then bury these letters or have them thrown into the sea/river.

This year, with our centres closed, and many measures of precaution in place, many of you have asked how we will arrange for these letters and how we can still partake in this beautiful tradition.

We have consulted with our Resident A’ālim, Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi who has advised that we can state our du’ās in our hearts and minds instead, and can recite the du’ās that are recommended (and usually written on the Arīza) prior to, and after, stating our Hajaat (wishes). These du’ās are available below.

As you prepare to set aside some time on the auspicious night to converse with the Imam, please keep our community and humanity at large in your prayers and pray that this difficult time we are in, soon passes, so that we may gather again at our centres.

We will insha’Allāh have the A’amāl program online on Sunday March 28, 2021 at 8:45 pm, live at jaffari.org/live.

With Salāms & Du’ās

ISIJ Secretariat Office
Islamic Shia Ithna-Asheri Jamaat of Toronto
905.695.9786 | [email protected]

Du’a written on the Arīza and Translation

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

كَتَبْتُ يَا مَوْلَايَ صَلَوَاتُ اللهِ عَلَيْكَ مُسْتَغِيْثًا، وَشَكَوْتُ مَا نَزَلَ بِيْ مُسْتَجِيْرًا بِاللهِ عَزَّوَجَلَّ، ثُمَّ بِكَ مِنْ اَمْرٍ قَدْ دَهَمَنِيْ، وَاَشْغَلَ قَلْبِيْ، وَاَطَالَ فِكْرِيْ، وَسَلَبَنِيْ بَعْضَ  لُبِّيْ، وَغَيَّرَ خَطِيْرَ نِعْمَةِ اللهِ عِنْدِيْ، اَسْلَمَنِيْ عِنْدَ تَخَيُّلِ  وُرُوْدِهِ الْخَلِيْلُ، وَتَبَرَّاَ مِنِّيْ عِنْدَ تَرَاۤئِيْ اِقْبَالِهِ اِلَيَّ الْحَمِيْمُ، وَعَجَزَتْ عَنْ دِفَاعِهِ حِيْلَتِيْ، وَخَانَنِيْ فِيْ تَحَمُّلِهِ صَبْرِيْ  وَقُوَّتِيْ

فَلَجَاْتُ فِيْهِ اِلَيْكَ، وَتَوَكَّلْتُ فِي الْمَسْاَلَةِ للهِ جَلَّ ثَنَاۤؤُهُ  عَلَيْهِ وَعَلَيْكَ  فِيْ دِفَاعِهِ عَنِّيْ، عِلْمًا بِمَكَانِكَ مِنَ اللهِ رَبِّ  الْعَالَمِيْنَ، وَلِيِّ التَّدْبِيْرِ وَمَالِكِ الْاُمُوْرِ، وَاثِقًا بِكَ فِي  الْمُسَارَعَةِ فِي الشَّفَاعَةِ اِلَيْهِ جَلَّ ثَنَاۤؤُهُ فِيْ اَمْرِيْ، مُتَيَقِّنًا لِاِجَابَتِهِ تَبَارَكَ وَتَعَالٰى اِيَّاكَ بِاِعْطَاۤئِيْ سُؤْلِيْ

وَاَنْتَ يَا مَوْلَايَ جَدِيْرٌ بِتَحْقِيْقِ ظَنِّيْ، وَتَصْدِيْقِ اَمَلِيْ  فِيْكَ، فِيْ اَمْرِ كَذَا وَكَذَا

I have written O my master (A.S) seeking help, and I complain (to you) about what has descended upon me – seeking refuge with Allah (S.W.T) and then with you, from the affair that has taken me by surprise and occupied my heart, and made me think a lot, and has stripped away from me some of my core, and has changed the great blessings of God that is with me, my close friend has left me when it came to me and he dissociated from me when he saw it advancing towards me, my plans have been unable to push it away, and my patience and strength haven’t been able to bear it. So I have taken refuge with you in this (problem), and with regard to the request for Allah – I have placed my trust in Allah (S.W.T) and in you, seeking protection from (that which bothers me) – (requesting) about your whereabouts from Allah, the one who brings close, and is the owner of all affairs. I trust you with regards to the speedy intercession (you have) with Him in my affairs and I have certainty in Him answering you with respect to my needs. O my master you are worthy of actualising (what’s in) my thoughts, and honouring the hopes I have in you (with regard to) my affairs/matters :

Mention your wants/Hajaat and then recite the following:

فِيْمَا لَا طَاقَةَ لِيْ بِحَمْلِهِ، وَلَا صَبْرَ لِيْ عَلَيْهِ، وَاِنْ كُنْتُ مُسْتَحِقًّا  لَهُ وَلِاَضْعَافِهِ بِقَبِيْحِ  اَفْعَالِيْ، وَتَفْرِيْطِيْ فِي الْوَاجِبَاتِ الَّتِي للهِ عَزَّوَجَلَّ

فَاَغِثْنِيْ يَا مَوْلَايَ صَلَوَاتُ اللهِ عَلَيْكَ عِنْدَ اللَّهْفِ، وَقَدِّمِ الْمَسْاَلَةَ للهِ عَزَّوَجَلَّ فِيْ اَمْرِيْ، قَبْلَ حُلُوْلِ التَّلَفِ، وَشَمَاتَةِ الْاَعْدَاۤءِ، فَبِكَ بُسِطَتِ النِّعْمَةُ عَلَيَّ

وَاَسْاَلِ اللهَ جَلَّ جَلَالُهُ لِيْ نَصْرًا عَزِيْزًا، وَفَتْحًا قَرِيْبًا، فِيْهِ بُلُوْغُ الْاٰمَالِ، وَخَيْرُ الْمَبَادِيْ، وَخَوَاتِيْمُ الْاَعْمَالِ، وَالْاَمْنُ مِنَ الْمَخَاوِفِ كُلِّهَا فِيْ كُلِّ حَالٍ، اِنَّهُ جَلَّ ثَنَاۤؤُهُ لِمَا يَشَاۤءُ فَعَّالٌ، وَهُوَ حَسْبِيْ وَنِعْمَ الْوَكِيْلُ فِي الْمَبْدَءِ وَالْمَالِ

In this (the wants) I have no strength in bearing it and no patience, while you are able to (solve it) although it (the situation) is because of my own ugly acts and my negligence of the obligatory acts which are for Allah (S.W.T), So help me O my master (A.S) in my worries and present my wants in front of Allah, before the starting of the calamities, and the mocking of the enemies (of me), for with you (lies) the spreading of the bounties upon me. And I ask Allah (S.W.T) for an honourable victory for me, and a close success which entails me reaching – my hopes, good principles,completion of my acts, and safety from all forms of fearful things in all states. Surely He (Allah) does what He pleases, and He suffices me – the best of those upon whom trust can be placed in the beginning and at the end.

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