2019 Elections – Jaffari Islamic Youth

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Mohamed Ladak | Contesting For: Chair

moladak92@gmail.com | www.teamladak.ca

Why you should vote for me:

I am Mohammed Ladak and I am standing for the position of JIY Chair 2019/20!
Our community has been built for the youth and we are the future leaders. Being involved with Jaffari Islamic Youth will allow me to lead and serve the community to the best of my ability. I will listen to the youth of our community and plan events based on their needs. My skills will bring a new and fresh experience to the youth of our community. Having a new young vibrant team will give a new look to JIY. I have grown up with a background where we are taught to give back to our community but still instilling the Islamic Values!
We need to bring youth to the community and I am running with a team that is fit for this!
We are standing for you!
Vote Team Ladak

Zahra Jessa | Contesting For: Chair


Why you should vote for me:

My dedication, work ethic, skills, experience and passion for the youth and the community at whole make me an essential candidate for the ‘chair’ position on JIY. With over three years of experience on JIY, working my way up the ladder from an associate to the director has taught me a great deal?? ; which I feel can be an instrumental part of my success as the JIY chair. My role in the team over the last few years has geared me to be a strong leader and team player to effectively work within my team and with other boards. I have lead and organized various activities, collaborations, took part in the interfaith initiatives and specific mosque programmed tasks; as part of JIY and as a personal commitment. With my extensive reach in various community-related program and events, I have learned the needs and the want of the youth in the community, and I intend to tackle these through my term.

Sakina Rashid | Contesting For: Vice Chair (Female)

sakina-14@hotmail.com | www.teamyouth.ca

Why you should vote for me:

As a passionate, contributing and committed member of the JCC, I believe that I would be the right candidate for the Vice Chair (Female) position for JIY 2019-2020. In addition to serving as the current Assistant Director (female) of JIY, I am on the ladies’ social committee, Al Wahda Festival management team, and often help out in the kitchen and with Kaniz-e-Fatima youth. Through these opportunities I have learned many interpersonal, collaborative and leadership skills, and have also been able to create and foster relationships with key individuals. I am at JCC so often my friends joke that it is my “second home”. The community has done so much for me and I want to continue to give back, especially to the youth – tomorrow’s leaders.

Kaneez Ceizar | Contesting For: Vice Chair (Female)


Why you should vote for me:

I believe I am a strong candidate for this position as I have been completing all the tasks and duties required for the past 7 years with Al-Haadi Study Centre. It would be an honor to take my knowledge and expertise and put them towards helping and bringing the youth of our community together by running for Vice Chair. Not only will I be able to put my current skills to test but I will also be able to learn from other members of my team, and from everyone that I would be working with. We learn from our cradle to the grave and what way could I continue to strive along that saying than being a part of such a great community with such. strong youth leadership. Vote Team Ladak!


Sarfaraaz Kara | Contesting For: Secretary


Why you should vote for me:

As a youth of ISIJ of Toronto, a Volunteer for JVC, and a representative of JIY, I have been passionate about being involved in helping the youth come closer. I am running as secretary to ensure that our youth are getting more involved with JIY events, from volunteering to participating. I believe that with the experience that I have being a part of JIY and JVC, our team and I will be able to bring all the youth together and create unity between them. I believe that I am fit for this position and I am ready to be your voice for the youth!

Nuzhat Fatema Salim Hassanali | Contesting For: Secretary


Why you should vote for me:

I believe I am the right candidate for this position as I am passionate about working and being part of the youth group, as well as I am an active volunteer at the Jaffari Community Centre. I volunteer at Al-Haadi Madressah, in the kitchen and I have been the JIY secretary for the past 2018 year. My profession is that of a youth mental health counselor and my goal is to make a difference in the lives of the youth of our community. I also have experience in administrative and correspondence skills, which makes me fit for the secretary position.


Atika Ismail | Contesting For: Treasurer

atika.ismail@ryerson.ca | www.teamladak.ca

Why you should vote for me:

My 2 years’ experience in the field of finance has instilled me with an understanding of budgeting, analytical thinking, and being detail-oriented. I have worked alongside a team in various operations and was not only able to bring forward my skills with numbers but my creative thinking, willingness to learn, ability to make a change. Growing up in such an inclusive community, I have taken so much knowledge and want no more than to give back in any which way I can. I would like a chance to incorporate all my skills and experiences to create a positive change for our youth and the future of JIY.

Sayyedah Nanji | Contesting For: Treasurer


Why you should vote for me:

I believe that my education, and experience in the finance & accounting industry make me a fit candidate for the position of Treasurer of JIY. I recognize that for any community/group to be successful, it is vital that their finances be managed by someone who they can rely on, and one is who fully committed to giving them the best services yet still maintaining a financial balance. During my role in JIY, I intend to develop efficient financial budgets to cater to the increasing needs of the committee (and the targeted audience) while maintaining confidentiality of the matters discussed. I also intend to help bridge the gap between the leaders/elders of the community and the youth in the community.


Ali Akbar Zaidi | Contesting For: Communications (Male)


Why you should vote for me:

JIY is meant to include every youth in our community. The only way to reach out to the youth is to understand how to communicate with them. My skills in business, interpersonal relationships, building leaders will be a strong asset in becoming the communication representative for JIY. I will use my skills learnt from school and business and incorporate it into JIY to create a platform that engages all youths from all cultures in our mosque.

Saahil Jaffer | Contesting For: Communications (Male)


Why you should vote for me:

 Over the years, Jaffari Islamic Youth has grown into serving an essential role as it helps us balances our daily lives with our faith. Despite our many strengths, we must recognize the ability to improve and evolve in order to stay truly representative of the youth. In the ever-changing society that we live in, we must maintain a safe place while bridging the gap with the rest of the community. Being on the team for the past year has enabled me to understand the importance that this position plays within our community. As a result, my passion to serve will enable me to use this role in order to help the youth in a multitude of ways.

Saara Kanji | Contesting For: Communications (Female)


Why you should vote for me:

The Communication role is the most crucial to engagement, and I believe that with my experience I will be able to bring about ideas that will connect with the youth of our Jamaat, enabling them to feel interested in our institution. I feel as though through this position I will provide opportunities to build relationships with the youth of all ages with either post on social media or with writing relevant and relatable pieces for the youth in our newsletter. I truly feel that the organizational, writing, teamwork skills, and dedication, that I am the right candidate for this position, and I hope you will consider me as so.

Shabneez Abdulrazak | Contesting For: Communications (Female)


Why you should vote for me:

I strongly believe that my skills, dedication and experience make me an ideal candidate for the female communications role in JIY. I possess over two years of social media marketing experience for both non-profit and profit sectors, including my role as the female communications individual for JIY during 2018-19. My previous role in JIY has equipped me with thorough understanding of the target audience, and has enabled me to develop and implement successful marketing strategies that has evidently increased JIY’s outreach to youth and has facilitated to increase youth turnout to our events. This year, I aim to use improved strategies to continue help organize events that would bring the youth together, alongside facilitate events that help bridge the gap between the youth and the seniors of the community. 

Elected Members

Fiza Sadiq | Contesting For: Elected Member (Female)

fizaasadiq@gmail.com | www.teamladak.ca

Why you should vote for me:

Being a graduate of As- Sadiq and then experiencing a non-Muslim high school, I have come to learn the multitude of struggles in our Muslim youth. Not only growing up in this community but also volunteering for years, I feel I would be a perfect candidate for this position. I want to insure the youth of our community are comfortable with not only themselves but their religion in this secular society we live in. Earlier this year I started my own business and through that I have gained strong leadership, teamwork and creative skills. Moreover, if given the opportunity, this will be my first step to making a difference for our youth.

Mahtaab Manekia | Contesting For: Elected Member (Female)

mahtaabmanekia@gmail.com | www.teamyouth.ca

Why you should vote for me:

Growing up with parents and siblings that strove to serve the community, I have always been intrigued to do the same. As a capable youth, I would love to give back to the community that shaped my morals, instilled Islamic values in me and taught me so much. A few of my experiences include being part of one of the most active youth groups back in Dar es Salaam, being an associate for JIY and also my 6 years as a member of the Toronto jamat has played a role in broadening my vision. I would love to attain this post for with that I can achieve my objective of bringing the youths and seniors together through innovative programs and sessions. By uniting our community, we can all benefit, such as learn from the elderly and allow everyone to feel a sense of involvement. With further uniting our community being my main rationale, I will also consider to bring the youths together, which will further cement our focus as leaders of tomorrow. With the blessings of the Almighty, a handful of experiences and the passion to serve, we will achieve our targets and inshAllah prepare the grounds for our awaited savior (atfs).

Aamir Jaffer | Contesting For: Elected Member (Male)

aamir@jaffers.ca | www.teamladak.ca

Why you should vote for me:

My previous experience working in a team, as well as leading it makes me an excellent candidate for this position. My passion to endorse youth participation in the community will allow me to lead the associates while providing undeterred commitment to the committee at large. I aspire to represent the under-appreciated youth and provide a funnel for their concerns. Upon election, I will strive to implement the suggestions that remain unvoiced. I want to create an environment that attracts youth who are struggling to maintain a balance between religion and western civilization. Using my first-hand experience, I believe that the current endeavours of the Jaffari Islamic Youth are misdirected and target an audience that does not represent the majority of the community. InshaAllah, given the opportunity, I will try to implement all of the following to the best of my ability.

Tariq Kermalli | Contesting For: Elected Member (Male)

tariq.kermalli@gmail.com | www.teamyouth.ca

Why you should vote for me:

Bibi Zainab (a) famously said “I see nothing except the beauty of God”. Looking around this Jamaat, I too see nothing but beauty and I am grateful to have been brought up by this community. They say it takes a village to raise a child. For the past few years, I have made it my mission to give back to the community that has done so much for me. I have been a teacher at the Al-Haadi Madressah for the past 3 years. Furthermore, I have volunteered for various initiatives such as the Al-Wahda Sports Festival, the Ramadan Darsa Program, and the Homeless Shelter Food Drive. Joining the JIY is the next step in my journey to giving back to our blessed community.