2019 Nomination Results

You will find information below about acclaimed candidates and elected positions from the ISIJ of Toronto Board of Directors, Ladies Committee, Razavi Community Center, and Masumeen Islamic Center elections that were held on Sunday April 14th, 2019; as well as Governance and Ombudsman committee elections that were held at the AGM on April 7th, 2019.

Candidates and Positions


ISIJ Board of Directors

Position Candidate
President Habib Meghjee – Acclaimed
Vice President Shafiq Ebrahim – Acclaimed
Chairlady Zehra Dilawar Hussain – Acclaimed
Secretary Hassan Abbas Mohamedali – Acclaimed
Treasurer Abbas Lakha – Acclaimed
Mukhi (Director of Centre) Akil Karim – Acclaimed
At-Large Director (MIC Chair) Hasnain Moledina – Acclaimed
At-Large Director – Senior Mohamedtaki Sabur – Elected
At-Large Director – Female Shabnees Siwjee – Acclaimed
At-Large Director – Youth Mohamedhussein Hassanali – Acclaimed

Ladies Committee

Position Candidate
Member Sabira Satchu – Acclaimed
Member Kaniz Damani – Acclaimed
Member Firozbanu Damani – Acclaimed
Member Masuma Hasham – Acclaimed
Member Naseera Jiwa – Acclaimed
Member Mariam Khalfan –Acclaimed
Member Husna Hassanali – Acclaimed

Masumeen Islamic Centre (MIC) Management Committee

Position Candidate
Chair Hasnain Moledina – Acclaimed
Vice Chair Mohamed Kumail Kassam – Acclaimed
Secretary Nabeel Jafferali – Acclaimed
Treasurer Muhammed Bhanji
Mukhi (Director of Centre) Aliraza Rashid
Chairlady Shakila Walji
Elected Member Hussein Habib
Shabbir Ladha
Maqbool Walji

Razavi Community Centre (RCC) Management Committee

Position Candidate
Chair Dr. Akbar Panju
Assistant Chair Mohamed Moledina
Secretary Bashira Valji
Treasurer Dr. Mohamed Panju
Mukhi (Director of Centre) Syed Aamir Rizvi
Chairlady Azra Rahim
Assistant Chairlady Nargez Moledina

Governance Committee

Position Candidate
Elected Member Shaukat Moloo – ELECTED – 3 year term
Nazmul Damji – ELECTED – 2 year term
Ali Tharia – ELECTED – 1 year term

Ombudsman Committee

Position Candidate
Elected Member Dr. Shahnaaz Alidina – ELECTED – 3 year term
Aunali Walji – ELECTED – 2 year term
Ashiq Kermali – ELECTED – 1 year term

*Vacant positions to be filled by the Affiliate Centers in conjunction with Board of Directors

On behalf of the Jamaat, we would like to extend our sincere thanks to all the above for accepting their respective nominations, and to wish them the very best in the upcoming elections.

Questions? Contact [email protected]

With Du’ās,

Ali Manji – Speaker
Hasnain Versi – Deputy Speaker & Chief Electoral Officer