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Jumuah Salaah

Jaffari Community Centre 9000 Bathurst street, Thornhill

11:30 am -  Du’ā-e-Nudba, Jumu’ah Salāt followed by Friday Ziyārat. Led by Maulana Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi Stream live -

Jumu’ah Salaat

Masumeen Islamic Centre 7580 Kennedy Road, Brampton

11:33pm: Du'a Nudba 12:03pm: Salaatul Jumu'ah (led by Sh. Jaffer) Overflow Parking: Rugby Gravel Lot

Jumuah Salaat (Ladies/Gents)

Razavi Community Centre 95 Mead Avenue, Hamilton

12:05 pm - Jumuah Salah (led by Maulana Syed Saghir) Stream live at


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