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Jaffari Islamic Youth



The Jaffari Islamic Youth is a subcommittee under the ISIJ of Toronto that serves the largest Shia youth community in North America and aims to support, strengthen and maintain the involvement of the youth within our community.


 |Events & Initiatives


Girls Daku Nights

Join the JIY Girls on our two Daku Nights!

Night Out – Friday July 3rd 2015:

Must be 14 to 25 years old
$25 per person
Mystery Room and Toppings!

Night In – Saturday July 4th 2015:

Must be 8 to 14 years old
$20 per person
Food, Crafts, and Other Activities!Spots are limited and your spot will only be confirmed once you’ve paid your fee. Click Here for Payment Information

Brothers’ Escape Night

Join us on Saturday July 4th, for an exciting night at Omescape! A great night awaits as you and your friends try to find your way through a series of theatrical puzzles, hidden clues and codes to unlock that final door within 60 minutes. That will be followed up with dinner and dessert along with unlimited board game play (even if you are unable to escape)! We will be leaving from JCC at 10:30PM and returning by 2:00AM.There are only a limited number of spots available. Your spot will only confirmed once we have received payment of $30.00. You can register individually or as a group of 5-7 persons. Click Here for Payment Information




Payment Information

Once you have registered online please make your payment as soon as possible. You payment options are below:

1. Drop off your payment at the jamaat office with your name, phone number and purpose during regular office hours (Mon – Friday 9AM to 5PM).

2. Drop off your payment at the JIY office through the suggestions box located outside the room. Please ensure your name, phone number and purpose is clearly identified.

4. Or to any JIY member during the Ramadhan programs at JCC.
For Brothers Daku night contact Br. Hasanain Rashid at 647-219-4759
For Girls Daku night contact Sr. Fatima Sunderji at 647-860-0096



|Board Members


Hasanain Rashid                                  Director

Abbas N. Okera                                   Assistant Director

Fatima Sunderji                                   Assistant Director

Roshaneh-Fatema Jaffer                       Secretary

Mohamed-Akeel Hasham                      P.R. & Marketing

Aamreen-e-Fatemah Ebrahim               P.R. & Marketing

Zainab Sadiq                                       Director of Finance

Mohamedabbas Muraj                           Elected Member

Zainab Abdallah                                   Elected Member

Salena Nazarali                                   Associate

Abbas Rai                                     Associate

Sumayya Datoo                                    Associate

Zaynab Dhalla                                     Associate





 Email:  jiy@jaffari.org

Upcoming Events

Girls Daku Nights
Daku Night Out:
Mystery Room and Other Activities
Friday July 3rd 9:45PM – 2:00AM

Daku Night In:
Food, Crafts, Game and More!
Saturday July 4th after mosque program

Sign-up Form

Brothers’ Escape Night
Escape Room, Board Games, Dessert & Dinner!
Saturday July 4th 10:30PM – 2:00AM

Sign-up Form


2015 Islamic Model United Nations
2013 Video Game Tournament


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Contact Us:

Email:  jiy@jaffari.org

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